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Event Planning Services

Event Planning Services manages the scheduling of events/activities within Newcomb Hall, UVA Chapel, Ern Commons, O’Hill Forum, Runk Green Room, 1515 University Ave, and the Student Activities Building.  The office is also responsible for reserving banner and tabling spaces as well as various outdoor venues.

To reserve space and/or plan an event on Grounds, please select an option below that best describes your affiliation with the University. The correct selection is important as the policies can vary by audience.  Please see SEC-045: COVID-19 Health & Safety Requirement – Face Masks, Physical Distancing, Events and Gatherings, and Visitors for the most up to date information on events and gatherings at the University.

Faculty, Staff and Students


Given current pandemic conditions, the University encourages virtual events and activities. If there is a compelling need for an in-person event that cannot be postponed to a subsequent semester and if that event will exceed the gathering size restrictions listed in the University’s COVID policy, you must request an exception to the policy.

Reservations for Student Activity Spaces are open as of 10AM on January 27, 2021.  Please see EMS to make your reservation.

The Event Planning Office is open from 9AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday.  You can reach us by email at


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The Source

Reserve academic space.

Students Dancing in the Ballroom

Event Management System

Reserve student activities spaces and plan events on Grounds.

UVA Intramural Recreation Sports

Intramural-Recreational Sports

Reserve recreation facilities.

UVA Chapel

UVA Chapel

The historic UVA Chapel can host weddings, memorial services, meetings, and specials events for up to 250 guest.