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Rates and Fees

Equipment Price List (pdf)

Room Rates List (pdf)

When and how are fees assessed?

Room Charges

Room charges are determined primarily by the type of group making the reservation. Other factors in determining fees include the type of event, whether admission or registration fees will be charged, and what the composition of the audience and/or participants will be.

In some cases, exceptions to the above guidelines may be made based upon the nature or function of an organization or department as well as the nature of an event. These exceptions are made on a case by case basis by Event Planning Services.

Fees may also be assessed for equipment use, setups, overtime, staffing, rain site holds, or other special circumstances. You will be notified of these fees at the time of your request.

Student Organizations

Student organizations meetings and events will not incur room charges.  A Student Conference room rate will be added if the majority of attendees at an event are not current University of Virginia students, or faculty or staff.  The rate will also be added if the student organization charges a registration fee.

University Departments

Departmental meetings and events will not include room charges. A Department Conference room rate will be added, however,  in the following instances:

  1. The department collects a registration fee
  2. The majority of participants at an event are not affiliated with the University, but the department is still managing the event
  3. A non-University group is sponsored by a department, but the department is still managing the event
  4. An event is social in nature or otherwise not directly related to University business, but the attendees are University of Virginia faculty and staff

Non-University Groups

non-University room rate will be charged to a University department or student organization sponsoring a non-University group if the majority of participants are not from the University and the UVA department or student organization is not managing the event.

All non-University groups will be assessed a room fee regardless of the nature of the program. Either the Department Conference or non-University rate will apply.  Note:  Any non-University group must be sponsored by a student organization or University department.  The sponsoring organization or department will be held responsible for the activities of the non-University group. 

The rate for equipment rental and other fees will be assigned according to the rates published on this site.

An additional vendor table fee may be charged if an outside company or entity is brought in to sell, showcase, or provide information on its products or services as part of a student organization or department sponsored resource/information fair. No other solicitation is permitted in Newcomb.


Some events may require hiring University Police Department for security and/or RMC staff. These events include late night activities, any event where alcohol is served, and certain large-scale events such as concerts or dances. Other special circumstances may also require retaining security. The University Police Department must provide the security services or approve of the security vendor (e.g., RMC Events). The organization booking the event is responsible for arranging security and managing all associated costs. The security officer(s) must arrive half an hour before an event is scheduled to begin and remain until half an hour after the crowd has dispersed; the total charges are thus determined as the event time plus one hour.  Failure to obtain security one week prior to the event date will result in the event being cancelled.

Security request forms must be signed by Event Planning Services no later than 14 days before the event. The forms are submitted by Event Planning Services to the University Police Department. Organizations will be notified upon approval.

All of the above  request forms are available in Event Planning Services or on the forms section of the website.

Cancellation Policy and Fees

Reservations for the Newcomb Ballroom, Theater, Forum at O’Hill, and the Student Activities Building may be cancelled without penalty up to 10 days before a scheduled event. Within 10 days of the scheduled program, a late cancellation fee will be incurred by the organization or department.

Reservations in Newcomb’s conference/meeting rooms may be cancelled up to three days before a scheduled event. Within three days, a late cancellation fee will be charged.

Student organizations and University departments that do not cancel their reservations in student activity spaces and do not show up will be charged a full room rate.